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Bringing Your Friends Closer to God

Who brought you to the Lord? When asked this question, nine out of ten people answered that it was someone they knew or someone they are related to. I did an informal survey once just to see if it’s accurate. It is. People are most likely to respond to the gospel if it is shared by someone close to them. The Good News is more powerful when coupled with the good life.

Do you have friends and relatives who do not know Jesus yet? The Lord will probably use someone they know to share to them the gospel -- YOU!

Here are a few reminders on how we can share to our friends and loved ones:

  1. Pray for them. Lift them up to the Lord so that their hearts will be ready when the right time comes.

  2. Watch your life. No amount of words can compensate for what they see in your life. It doesn’t mean that you should be perfect, simply be consistent and authentic.

  3. Look for opportunities to share about how God is moving in your life. It can be as simple as an answered prayer, a blessing received or a discovery from the Bible.

  4. Be sensitive to their situation. They might be facing problems or issues that can be open doors for the gospel.

  5. Find out if the church is offering an activity or a teaching series that might be of interest to them. Perhaps they might be open to going to church to attend a series on parenting or marriage.

  6. When the time is right, share to them the simple message of the Gospel. You may also want to give them a Gospel tract like the one produced by Campus Crusade called Four Spiritual Laws. The point is give them an opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus and follow Him.

The Bible says that heaven rejoices when someone comes to God and believes in Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great if that party in heaven is made possible by you because you led your friend to God? When was the last time you sponsored a party in heaven?

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