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Groceries, Taste Tests, and God's Goodness

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!”

(Psalm 34:8, NLT)

I don’t particularly like shopping for groceries. Long lines, crowded aisles, and choosing between 20 brands of toilet paper are enough to raise my blood pressure. The redeeming factor of the whole thing for me, during my occasional visits to the grocery, are the taste sampling stations. For shoppers like me, they are free snacks bringing momentary relief before I snag a hotdog after. For the grocery, however, it is an invitation to see that the products they are offering are indeed good and delicious.

In the same way, this passage, “Taste and see that the Lord is good” is an invitation and a challenge to those who have not “tested and tasted” God yet. David just had his prayer answered when he wrote this song. It’s a celebration of God’s goodness by a person who trusted in God. In many ways, he declares that God is good and trusting him is worth it.

If you're a Christian, you may already know about the goodness of God. You may already have a first-hand experience of life with Him. Every prayer God answered, even those He denied, every situation he allowed, every difficulty and victory will lead to a realization that God is a good God. We know because we’ve passed through the test and God passed! He is good. The writer is so sure about God that he knows anyone who experiences life in God will never be disappointed and will arrive at the same conclusion: The Lord is good!

If you are at a particularly challenging stage of your life. Maybe you have searched and have also tried a lot of things searching for the one thing that will provide satisfaction and meaning to life, I invite you to go to God. You should taste and see His goodness for yourself. I assure you He will not disappoint.

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