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Precious Presence

Presence is a precious word. Nothing can replace the value of presence. No picture, souvenir, phone call, email, greeting card or even Facetime can take the place of presence. Ask someone who has lost a loved one what they miss the most and the answer would be “presence”. What makes shared life – vacations, family time, board games, and many other things so special? Shared moments so memorable? Being with people we love and care about.

God has made us this way, in His own image, because he himself is a personal and relational being. In fact, this is the very purpose why God created us – to love Him and to enjoy his presence. Sadly, because of sin, we have lost not only our relationship with God but also His presence in our lives. We lost God but God also lost us.

God’s great plan of saving us, Jesus coming down to sacrifice for us, was intended to restore to God (and to us) what has been lost in sin – HIS PRESENCE. God provided a way that He can be with us and we can enjoy Him once again. Of all the blessings God can give, the most precious gift we have been given is His presence. Being a Christian is the greatest thing that could ever happen to a person because, among the many gifts that God gives to those who believe in Him, God gives the most precious of all…He gives His presence.

No wonder the most repeated promise of God in the Bible…I WILL BE WITH YOU…

Do you believe in Jesus? Then you already have God’s most precious gift….Himself.

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