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Do We Still Need the Church?

What's the big deal about the church? Is the church still relevant in our fast-paced, high tech world? Some people say that we as a society have outgrown our need for the church because of the advancements made over the last century. Really? The last time I checked the news, mankind is still plagued with the same old problems. Maybe the labels have changed, but it is still the same old human nature at work. That is why I contend that the church is still relevant and its role as significant as ever.

So, going back to our question... What's the big deal about the church? Here are some answers.

The church deals with matters of eternal significance. Technology, progress and development are good in many ways but limited. They fail to address our deepest questions and needs: life and its significance, death and the afterlife, priorities and values. While the church needs to change with the times, the church still has a lot to offer because man's most basic questions haven't changed. Eternity is the church's specialty.

The church, like a lighthouse, does its best work in times of storm. And these are terrible, stormy times we are in! In these uncertain times, the church faces the greatest opportunity to present people with the security that comes only through a personal relationship with God.

The church is God's family. The church that lives up to this calling becomes a place of love and compassion, of acceptance and transformation, of healing and encouragement. Now, who among us doesn't need all these in one way or the other? I'm sure you know someone who needs a little encouragement... or compassion perhaps? They need a church living up to its calling.

With all these reasons, and I can enumerate so much more, I say the church is still a big deal. The world needs the church now more than ever. We, the church, need to live up to the great calling God gave us.

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